Monthly Archives: June 2013

Quick update

It’s been some time since I last posted here and I have to say it’s freeing to be able to say that. Just wanted to quickly check in, though, and deliver a brief update on how everything has been going for me since I said I’d no longer be updating regularly.

On Monday, I graduated along with 114 of my colleagues in the journalism program. I graduated with honours and the ceremony was nice. Deepa Mehta actually got an honourary doctorate from the university during the ceremony so I made sure to shake her hand when I received my Bachelor of Journalism (I had to stop myself from making another BJ joke).

A week ago I began interning at a small news website, and I have since written three articles and copy edited dozens more.

Also, today is the start of NXNE 2013- I can’t wait to delve once again into the madness. I just need to remind myself to eat over these next few days.

More to come soon, once the madness is over. I’m going to try and write a review of the first season of Orphan Black and maybe even Mad Men since it’ll be ending its sixth season soon. To anyone who has been checking semi-regularly to see if I’ve written anything, I apologize for not writing a little sooner. See you soon.