A happy day playlist

The sun has come up, so to speak. Outside right now it’s a bit cloudy, but the sun I’m referring to here is a healthy dose of optimism. The internship I thought was lost may actually be coming my way after all. And hearing that news yesterday made me way happier than I could have imagined. So in honour of this happy news, I’m putting together a happiness playlist. My specialty being what it is, they will of course all be Canadian, and I’ll try to make the ones I choose less-than-common choices.

Jordan Faye- “Happiest”

From Sorry, I Slept In.

Beams- “Sun Wraps ‘Round”

From Just Rivers.

Maylee Todd- “Hieroglyphics”

From Escapology.

Triple Gangers- “Bunnies”

From 3XG.

Coeur de Pirate- “Golden Baby”

From Blonde.

Formalists- “Thomas Edison: The Great Intender”

From Congratulations To Those Who Move Onward And Excel!/In Support of Healthy Structure.

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless- “Verbs”

North Lakes- “Copernicus, Copernicus”

From Grand Prix.

Wilderness of Manitoba- “Morning Sun”

From Island of Echoes.

Code Pie- “Muddy Shoes”

From Love Meets Rage.

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