Life stories: a Journey

Thanks again to DailyPost for this prompt. It reminded me of a long walk I took some time ago that had me exploring areas of the city I lived that I don’t usually see.

I have a friend named Diana, and for the past four years of university I’ve only ever been able to see her roughly twice a year. She was always super busy in school and traveled a lot during the summer, mostly, so I would usually see her once around the Christmas break and another time during the summer at some point.

A few years back (it must have been the summer after either my first or second year of school) we met up during the summer. Our original plan was to go to a bowling alley. On the way there, of course, we talked quite a bit. The general rule of conversation when you haven’t seen a friend in months is a huge game of catch-up.

I met her at her house, as I usually do, and we walked from there. The bowling alley really wasn’t far at all. When we got there, we discovered that there was no way we’d be able to get a game in that day; there was some kind of a bowling league happening and every lane looked occupied.

Determined to not let it ruin our day, we decided to just start walking in a direction away from her and my house, which we did. We ended up heading toward where she went to high school, but took a few more twists and turns along the way. Suddenly, we wound up walking through a huge, open field.

We followed the field for a bit before deciding to randomly turn right into a neighbourhood neither of us had ever seen before. It honestly felt a little strange. It looked kind of like a trailer park, we supposed, but it was as though we had suddenly walked back in time. We didn’t see a single person around and all the stuff looked like something that might have been current a few decades ago. For some reason my mind is telling me that it was a grey, almost ominous sky, but that might be my brain trying to make the story as dramatic as possible.

After walking through this strange removed-from-time place, we re-emerged into the city and decided to walk… I don’t remember where we walked next. But eventually we decided we were going to stroll through a forested area. This area turned out to be a whole lot bigger than either of us thought, however. There were all kinds of fallen wood and plant overgrowths that would sometimes slow down or temporarily halt our progress.

At this point, Diana was starting to get a little worried that we weren’t going to find our way out. She took comfort in a long and ridiculous story I had been telling before we got into the woods. I had been making the story up as I went along, and it was pretty silly and melodramatic (as I intended it to be). A few times during this forest stroll she urged me to keep going so that she wouldn’t think about the possibility of never getting out.

I was never worried for a second that we were going to get lost, because one of my goals in life is to actually get lost somewhere in the city and force myself to find a way back. Eventually, of course, we made it out of the forest and emerged in an area I was pretty familiar with. On the way back to Diana’s house we finished off my insane story.

If I remember the story correctly, I had been poisoned or something and Diana had raced against the clock to get me to a hospital. I think the story ended with her and I talking to our respective sets of kids about the craziness that had occurred some time ago.

What’s the point of this story from my life? I’m not really sure. Perhaps it’s that alternative plans can sometimes yield very unexpected turns of events. The walk itself feels kind of like a dream to me; it was an area of my city I had never seen before and it turned out to be pretty scenic. Plus I got a hell of a lot of exercise from that walk, that’s for sure.

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