No way

I don’t know what it is that I’m supposed to be doing.

I can’t tell if I’m failing or succeeding.

It’s always a little bit of both, isn’t it?

The days are all feeling the same to me lately.

Yesterday was the longest day I’ve had in some time, and it was because I really didn’t do anything.

I hate waiting.

Although yesterday I received some (expected) good news.

I’ll be covering North by Northeast again this year.

Still, it’s not exactly something that’s going to fill my days (except for the five festival days).

But what do I do now?

Really only I should know, right?

I should wait for all the pieces to click into place.

And even then, something will probably be “missing.”

This post got a little moody, sorry.

And also kind of abrupt.

Perhaps things will be different tomorrow.

Or they won’t.

How am I to know?



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