Toronto’s mayor

And just when I thought I had done with hearing weird Rob Ford news.

The latest story, of course coming from the Toronto Star, tells of some very bizarre behaviour from Ford in which he bolted out of a council meeting so that he could put “Rob Ford Mayor” fridge magnets onto people’s cars.

Apparently a reporter suggested to him that people might find his behaviour a little strange (a perfectly fair—and accurate—suggestion) to which Ford replied that people might find the reporter strange.

A comment on the story held out genuine concern that perhaps Ford is mentally ill. I don’t know if that’s the case, but who knows, it might be. Anyways, it’s been a relatively peaceful time for Rob Ford news lately. The last time he was actively involved in the news was probably when he sent out the open letter in support of a Toronto casino. And perhaps very briefly after that, some time last week, when Ford delayed the council vote because it was fairly obvious that he was going to lose it.

A nickname that Ford has gotten since taking the mayoralty has been The Teflon Mayor. Lots of things are thrown at him but nothing sticks. He has twice eluded the potential for him to be thrown out of office. He has done numerous things wrong including driving past an open streetcar door (and subsequently refusing to hire a driver) and rerouting a TTC bus to transport the high school football team he coaches.

It was funny how little I knew of Ford when he was elected. In fact, all I knew is that he was a very available man before he was elected. My friend Wes actually profiled him for our first-year reporting class.

When it was Toronto election time, I recall another friend saying something to the effect of “It’s time to vote. And by vote, I mean don’t vote for Rob Ford.” But he won. And as much as people complain (A LOT) there’s nothing we can really do until 2014, when the next municipal election happens. Something in me says there’s no way the guy is going to be elected again, but if a promising candidate fails to step up then we might get a few more years.

I believe underneath the blunders and buffoonery, Rob Ford genuinely wants to help Toronto get out of its debt crisis. But he’s burned so many bridges, has been so abrasive and so unwilling to compromise that it’s hard to believe he’ll ever get anything done.

And with this latest incident, it seems unbelievably tacky to leave an important meeting in order to weirdly start campaigning even though the campaign doesn’t really start until next year.

I don’t know what you want, Rob Ford. I really don’t.

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