A visual room tour

I had initially planned to write this post two days ago, but sometimes my smartphone has a tendency to not right away send pictures that I’ve emailed myself. So anyways, this post is going to be a bit more visual than my posts have been in the past. As the title suggests, it will give you a glimpse into what my room looks like.

my room 1

Area 1: The night table. Note the download cards/business cards from vinyl records/musicians on the bottom left corner, followed closely by ear plugs, guitar picks, some Halls candies and a cow coaster. Above those things is a jar containing quite a few pennies, nickels and dimes and for some reason two baseballs. Then there’s a clock radio, a lamp, and a now sadly irrelevant bobblehead of Yunel Escobar (he’s not even with the Jays anymore and even if he was, I’m not a very big fan of him after the “eye black incident”).

my room 2

Area 2: The media drawer. The bottom two shelves are filled to capacity with CDs. The third drawer is mixed-use, featuring DVDs as well as promo CDs that I haven’t reviewed and probably won’t. The towering stack on top of the drawers is a little over half various complete seasons of TV shows on DVD and slightly under half promo CDs that I have yet to review.

my room 3

Area 3: Bookshelf/desk/laptop station. Basically self-explanatory. The bookshelf part of the desk doesn’t really hold a lot of books and also limits what can be stored there due to the small shelves. My record player sits above the bookshelf on the left-hand side of the picture. You may also note the SpongeBob SquarePants poster that I must have gotten nine or ten years ago but still haven’t taken down.

my room 4

Area 4: Main bookshelf. I didn’t think it was possible, but I filled an entire bookshelf thanks to my book-buying habit. Bottom row features Shakespeare’s complete works, A Song of Ice and Fire, Scott Pilgrim and several Haruki Murakami books. Second shelf has got a bunch of Douglas Coupland. Fifth shelf pretty much finishes off my complete Murakami collection. Sitting above the bookshelf are my owl bookends as well as shoebox full of Wii and PS2 games.

my room 5

Area 5: Dresser. The dresser itself was originally a piece of junk, but apparently Opa (German for grandfather, in case you didn’t know) fixed it up and I’m generally pretty pleased with it. The surface features a variety of things including a large container of chewing gum, bus tickets, subway tokens, dead batteries, business cards and the game Rush Hour.

Hope you enjoyed a little visual tour of my room. Some people say the room is the soul of the person who inhabits it. Or maybe people don’t say that. If they didn’t, I just said it now.


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