I once again have zero inspiration to write (it’s becoming so common now that my blog title might as well be “Michael writes, but sometimes only half-heartedly.” But I need to get this post out of the way today because I might not have any time to write come this evening (there’s a slight possibility of seeing Iron Man 3).

And I’m also inexplicably in a not very good mood right now despite nothing really awful happening, so I’m going to attempt to counteract it with a simple list of things that make me happy. Here goes.

  • When an album I expect to suck pleasantly surprises me
  • When a band I really admire mentions me or a blog post of mine
  • Talking with my journalism friends about journalism things
  • Anything Haruki Murakami has ever written
  • Going for long walks with the intent of getting lost (spoilers: I never get lost)
  • Watching any episode of Mad Men
  • Exploring sections of Toronto I’ve yet to explore
  • Reconnecting with a friend I thought I’d never reconnect with
  • Cooking a meal
  • Mastering a new skill
  • Finally beating a level in a video game that I thought I’d never beat
  • Going to Toronto Island
  • Having a show finally booked
  • Having amazing interviews with bands
  • Learning a song on guitar/ukulele
  • Finding an album on coloured vinyl
  • Rereading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels
  • Being involved in a conversation that has no pauses from either side
  • Getting inspiration to write short stories

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