Feel-good jams

How funny that today’s DailyPost prompt was about earworms; I wrote a pretty detailed post about the subject many moons ago. But since I am once again low on stuff to talk about, so I decided to spin off the topic and list a few songs that can fill me with happiness every time I listen to them. Some of them are inherently happy; some just make me happier through their fury.

1. AA Wallace- “Temporal Suspension”

This just recently became a feel-good jam of mine, and by that I mean really recently, like yesterday. It starts off beautifully with a nice layering of synths and slight pulse of a drum machine. And if that’s not nice enough, AA Wallace’s vocals make it even better with lyrics about the nature of truth. By the end of the song, just try not to sing the hook: “I don’t believe in anything that does not believe in me.”

2. Woodhands- “Dancer”

I referred above to songs that make me happier through their sheer fury; this is one of them. “Dancer” is an absolutely relentless tune, supported by Paul Banwatt’s fiery drum attack and Dan Werb’s screaming vocals of “You’re a very good dancer, what is your name? What is your name?” Oh yes, and Maylee Todd is in this too, who is absolutely fantastic. By the end of hearing that song I always feel warn out from all the grooving I do.

3. Wildlife- “Bad Dream”

This Toronto band’s album …On the Heart is an album that they poured their heart and soul into, and this track in particular really hit me hard. This is another furious song as the band sings “It was all a bad, bad, dream” but it has a nice little down-tempo interlude before the energy picks up again.

4. Christian Hansen- “You Me Him & Us”

A song about having second thoughts about a threesome may not seem like an inherently uplifting song, but I can’t help but bob my head violently to this song the way Christian Hansen does when he’s performing it live. There’s something about the electronics in this song and the distorted vocals in parts that unquestionably make me feel good every time I hear them.

5. Joshua Van Tassel- “Sentimental Health”

A quick instrumental song that feels like it could be the theme song for a children’s show. I don’t know why I like it so much; perhaps it just reminds me of when I was little, a time I didn’t realize I’d ever feel a little nostalgic about.

6. Delta Will- “Good Will”

I love Charles Tilden’s one-man-band blues stuff as Delta Will, and this is perhaps the best track on the new EP. “Good Will” features the backing of a drum machine over blues strumming which creates a strangely danceable atmosphere around the song. Dancing will always make you feel good. Guaranteed.

7. Colleen and Paul- “Crepe Suzette”

The whole self-titled Colleen and Paul album is full of breezy, summery folk-pop songs but the opener takes the cake for me with its quick acoustic strumming and dreamy yet honest lyrics. “You feel so insecure about your happiness, you sort of feel like crap” says the catchiest line of the song. It makes me feel really warm and fuzzy by the end thanks to the addition of redemptive lyrics.

That’s all for today. I hope one of these songs cheers you up if you’re in need of cheering up.


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