Freaky Friday (on a Thursday)

With no inspiration for what to write about (again), I am writing from DailyPost’s prompt. It asks who I would like to be for a day and why, if I had the ability to do so. The remnants of the anime fan in me make it sound like I could have Captain Ginyu’s powers.

But anyway, to answer the question, that’s a very difficult choice. But being the music fan that I am, I think I could say I would love to be Rich Aucoin for a day. I don’t think I’d want to be someone “more famous” than him because I would probably have to deal with a lot of bullshit from the media as well as huge stadium venues with shitty sound.

But enough music snobbery. The real reason I would want to be Rich Aucoin is because he’s more or less universally liked by people he meets and has a good time every time he puts on a show. While I imagine it gets tiring, I would love to do a string of shows close to each other which involve copious amounts of audience participation, giant parachutes, confetti and more.

Every time I go to a Rich Aucoin show, I come away feeling high on life. I’ve only seen him twice so far, so it might not be indicative of a pattern, but Aucoin knows how to have a good time. I would seriously get a rush from being able to intimately connect with people through a little thing called music.

I guess that’s all I have to say about that. I thought I’d be able to say a little more but I guess not.

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