Not really feeling it today

I should have expected this as much, but graduating from university is bringing forward the fear that I’ve had in my mind all along. Well, one of the fears anyway.

I was afraid of two things when I started university. The first fear was that I would graduate with nothing in my name published. That fear has been alleviated somewhat thanks to a few articles I wrote for the Ryersonian, my feature in the Ryerson Review of Journalism and (I hope) my helping out with a podcast.

The other thing I was afraid of, and still am terrified of now, is my prospects of finding a job. I know I’m not the only person in my program who’s struggling with this, but every time I see one of my friends get a journalism job somewhere, I feel simultaneously happy for them and insanely jealous. They’ve already succeeded, even if their work is only for a few months. It’s still better than what I have.

Truly though, I sound like I’m complaining about something that’s beyond my control. It’s not beyond my control, in fact. I can actually start looking for jobs, but I don’t even know the first way to go about it. What am I saying, yes I do. I just need to be diligent, something I seem to not be when looking for jobs.

Enough whining though. That’s all I’ll say for today, at least until I get out of this funk.


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