Audio cabaret

Today I don’t have a hell of a lot of time to write, as I had a “class” earlier in the day and now need to finish the final assignment of my undergraduate degree—which is a thrilling and frightening thing to realize.

I put “class” in quotation marks because it wasn’t a lecture or anything like that- my class and I met up with my instructor at the CBC building on Wellington Street, and then in the building we filed into a room where we listened to all of our final radio documentaries. We also had death-by-chocolate cake (which was still a little warm and therefore amazing) and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

So in lieu of slightly more detailed writing on something, I’m presenting an audio cabaret of my own, but a mini one. I’m going to link you to three pieces of audio, which are all slightly different. The first is a short radio documentary, the second an hour-long program and the third a song.

Piece one: “The Change in Farming.” (Click the bottom story on the page). This is a really interesting piece about a young composer who makes songs out of stories his grandfather tells him. This guy predates “Autotune the News” by years, and the grandfather is super cool to listen to as well.

Piece two: “When Patents Attack.” This episode from American Life delves into the eerie world of patent trolls- people (usually companies) who buy up patents and then sue other people for infringing on them, even if the company who owns the patents has no intention of even doing anything with them.

Piece three: Fevers- “Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)”

In choosing a song, I decided to go with one that features a great mix of sound, and one that might put a spring in your step if you’re doing anything later today.

Tomorrow I hope to be a little more armed with time, but for now, wish me luck on finishing this last stupid assignment.


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