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I’m acting on another DailyPost prompt, this one asking writers to talk about a blogger who influenced their own respective “online journeys,” whatever that means.

So this is going to be a tribute to my good friend Erin Douglas.

I first became aware of Erin several years ago, when I used to go to a series of shows called The Basement, which took place in the basement of a church. The Facebook page for The Basement had a “testimonials” page at the top, and after I had gone to enough shows to know I was super enjoying every one I attended, I submitted my own testimonial which read “Before I started going to The Basement, I was loser. Now I’m still a loser, but at least I have good music to listen to every month.”

After that testimonial had been up on the Facebook page for a while, I recall Erin saying something like “Who’s Michael Thomas? That comment is golden.” At which point I said who I was (via Facebook) and we eventually met in-person at the Basement not too much later.

Since then we’ve gone to a few shows together and other assorted events around the Toronto area. A few weeks ago, running into her at her workplace was like one of those cheesy moments in the movies where two people who have been separated from each other for a long time run toward each other and embrace.

But I do need to get to her as a blogger. After Erin and I became friends, I noticed that she had a blog on some website I’d never heard of. I didn’t really understand the website all that much, but I thought it had a cool name: Tumblr.

For probably several weeks, if not months, I remember following her posts, until finally I thought: “Well hey, why don’t I make one of those?”

So I did, and for the longest time I was clueless to the ways of Tumblr and how things worked. But eventually I found out how to do things, and later I began to meet some very cool people through there, notably one of Grayowl Point’s best writers, Elena.

Had it not been for Tumblr, which in turn wouldn’t have happened without me seeing Erin using it first, I don’t know if this blog would even exist. On Tumblr I have a small group of people who respond when I ask for feedback or ask questions, and so I’m almost never out of things to post about or write about.

Of course, Tumblr culture can be quite, quite toxic, but my moving to one account has greatly helped my sanity.

So here’s to you, Erin Douglas. You are more influential than you know.


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