Good times

Almost a week ago I wrote a post called “The home stretch” in which I mused on the fact that I had about two weeks left of school. I’ve now got roughly a week of school left, and that’ll be it, It’s a little scary since I’ve only started my two assignments, but I have confidence that I can finish them both off before their respective deadlines (April 8 & 10). Today, because the sun is shining and I want to start off my penultimate week of school on a good note, I’m going to reflect on the good things that have happened or are soon to happen. Here we go.

First of all, there was last night. Sunday night was a big night for TV fans, featuring both the season finale of The Walking Dead and the season premiere of Game of Thrones. I was watching the latter show, which is something I can’t usually watch because I don’t have HBO at home.

Last night I went to a little Game of Thrones premiere party at a co-worker’s (very nice) house, and it was a really good time. She (and some friends who helped her out) made a ton of Westeros-inspired food, from meat pies to leek soup to applecakes and lemoncakes to beer bread. It was all so delicious.

We even played a few games, the first the classic game in which each person has a character’s name tied to his or her back, and then the person needs to guess who the character is by asking people yes-or-no questions. I solved mine in about four questions or so (I was Jorah Mormont). Later we did some Game of Thrones trivia, which I was pretty awesome at (I was easily the best on my team, but the other team had someone equally, if not more knowledgeable about the series than I am).

Then we watched the premiere, and we actually cheered when it started. I wish HBO or the series producers could see all of the parties that were happening that night. I’ve never felt so devoted to a show, even if it’s one that I can only watch occasionally.

That was a good time last night, and there’s still more to come. This Thursday is a big day for me, because it’s the launch of the Summer 2013 edition of the Ryerson Review of Journalism. In that wonderful magazine will be a story by yours truly. It’s the feature I’ve talked about several times since beginning this blog in January, and I’m now fiercely proud of it. It took four months of interviewing, researching and writing, and then another month or so of fact-checking. And then I had to edit it for length, and now it’s done.

There will also be a launch party, so I’m excited (even if I tend to be a little awkward at parties) to hang out with a bunch of my journalism friends for the common purpose of celebrating the launch of a new issue.

And then after some brief labouring, I will be truly in the home stretch, with a roughly two-week break before I have my one and only exam on April 26. And then… I’ll be done school. Possibly forever, Woah.

Funnily enough, now that I’m done with the article, the sun that was shining is now kind of obscured by cloud, and it’s actually flurrying outside. I’m not going to take it as a bad omen though. Winter just wants one more turn at bat. It’ll get over it.


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