The home stretch

I have just about two weeks left of school before a huge lull, and then I have a final exam. It’s hard to believe the end of term is so close at hand.

Between now and the end of term (for me which is April 10, April 12 for those who have Friday classes), I have two major assignments left. Both are running along smoothly, and let’s hope they stay that way.

Today I’ll be meeting with Michael Wexler, the lead singer of Inlet Sound. And no, I’m not interviewing him about his music, though I suppose I am in a weird way. I’m going to be interviewing him about his tour van. See, for my radio documentary class, our second assignment has to be a six-to-eight minute piece on someone and their car.

At first I gave my professor a blank stare and then realized he was serious. I really wanted to do something music-related so I figured I would give this a try. I’ll be talking to my professor this morning to make sure that everything is okay with it (and it will be; no way in hell I’m giving up the chance to get everything recorded today).

Then, of course, will come the editing part. I’m going to have devote some good time to doing so, and I’m not quite sure when that will be. It will probably involve me coming in earlyish on Friday or even Thursday to do so. But I’ll do what I have to do.

In addition, I’ve got to do a feature (about 1,000 words) on an arts-related topic. I’m going to be writing about the relevance (or not) of album reviews. I’ve already spoken with Ben Kaplan from the National Post, and later this week with Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star. I’m also going to aim for NOW‘s music editor, who also happens to be named Ben. It’s going to be so funny when I write my article and all my sources are named Ben.

Once I’m done those two big(-ish) things, I’ll be able to take a breath and relax for two weeks until I have to write a Friday early-morning exam on April 26.

And then, holy shit, I’m going to be technically graduated. Convocation officially does so in June, but I’ll no longer have school to worry about.



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