I guess I’ve been saying this every day since CMW stated on Tuesday, but man am I tired. Yesterday was a madcap day that had me going from a rock n’ roll spin class to an apartment party to the Dakota Tavern to the Garrison to Rancho Relaxo all in one day.

The physical exhaustion has come to such a point that it’s started to affect my thinking and attention. On Friday night, I got to the Gladstone Hotel way too late and accidentally missed Andy Shauf because, even though in my mind I knew the showcase started at 8, something in my mind said 9.

And then yesterday I started my Four Corners photography project. My first intersection I decided to do was King and Spadina. Not only did I put the date of pictures as 2012 instead of 2013, I even mislabeled a corner (I think I had, in my four-photo set, two corners labeled NW).

And so the more tired I get, the more things start to feel really weird and even surreal to me. Like the fact that I actually speed-walked from Ossington and Dundas to Spadina and College-ish because the fucking 505 streetcar would have gotten me to Papermaps’ set at Rancho way too late.

And then I noticed that at not one, but two of the venues I was at last night, I noticed a woman who was taking pictures of bands with her cellphone, but for some bizarre reason she held her phone on a diagonal angle, giving her photos a weird sideways view. I don’t even know if it was the same woman at both showcases, but I just didn’t understand why she had to do that.

This is truly what physical deterioration feels like. I’ve been out of the house these past two days for nearly half those days and I’m probably not even going to go to any shows tonight in attempt to revitalize myself for heading back to school tomorrow.

There are actually a few more showcases happening Sunday than I recall from the last time I looked, but it might have just been a product of going “eh, nothing on this bill really makes me want to attend.” If anything I’ll probably head to Rancho, if I do decide to go, because it has consistently good bookings.

This is Michael, currently of questionable mental and physical well-being, signing off for today. I hope calm, collected and well-rested Michael returns tomorrow. But we’ll see.

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