Comfort Zone

Another DailyPost prompt. It asks whether I’m more comfortable with routine and planning or “laissez-faire spontaneity.”

Inherent in both of these options seems to be a bit of good and bad. Routine can sometimes be a negative word—someone who goes through the same routine day after day after day usually doesn’t come across as someone who’s terribly interesting. However “planning” is usually a positive word- people who have plans in place are generally seen as a little more responsible than people who just let life throw curveballs at them.

At the other end, spontaneity is always seen as a good thing. People who are spontaneous are often very fun people, and are people who can push others out of their respective comfort zones. But “laissez-faire” sends mixed signals. There’s no responsibility required in anything described as laissez-faire. People are left to do whatever they want. So they can behave, or not, or they can work, or not.

Personally I’ve always tried to be a mix of the two. I know that most of the time I fall under the “routine and planning” category. It’s one of the tenets of a Meyers-Briggs test. You’re either Judge or you Perceive. A Judge in this contest is not some highly regal figure who pronounces sentences on people, but it someone who needs to adhere to some sort of plan. A Perceiver allows things to come as they may. Personally I always need to set a time and place to meet someone well in advance (or in advance as I can get).

However, I hate being in a routine for too long. Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve never been able to fully commit to working out, whether that’s in the form of going to the gym or just taking a run (although I might have a remedy to that; many months ago I downloaded the Zombies, Run! app which might motivate me). In an effort to break routines, I’ll sometimes do things like go into Toronto for no other reason than to escape the home routine of “wake up, eat, shower, internet, video games, etc.”

Even with the way I eat. Sometimes I just want to change things up. There are always combinations of things that I know I like. but I also like to venture away and try something new.

I’ve always secretly envied spontaneous people, and I always feel a sense of giddiness when I’m finally able to tear away from the impulse that says “But you have to plan this out!” As I said in yesterday’s post, my little act of spontaneity turned out to be a good night.

Can I be spontaneous and planned? Plantaneous? Was creating the word “plantaneous” a spontaneous thing to do? I don’t know. But I’d like to try and have a foot in both worlds.

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