Idle March

This blog is getting harder and harder to sustain. Coming into this, I thought I would have lots of ideas for great posts. And sure I’ve had some flashes on insight here and there but I feel like my writing over the past week or so has really declined for the most part, and it’s because I don’t really have any big inspiration to write anything.

My cold is still raging. I thought yesterday that I might be on the recovery but it seems worse today than it did yesterday. I just want to start functioning like a normal person again, is that too much to ask? Apparently.

I also can’t believe it’s already March. When March rolls around I immediately associate it with the beginning of spring, even though reality soon sets in when I realize that I won’t be able to instantly throw on a spring jacket. In fact these first few days of March have been fairly cold compared to recent days, which makes it even worse for me as I try to recover from this over-one-week-old sickness.

So March is really becoming an idle month for me. Nothing huge is happening. Canadian Music Week is happening later on this month, and this could make for some interesting blog material afterward, but that’s all pending on if I get media accreditation or not. Even if I don’t, I’ll still go to a couple of shows and try to schedule some interviews as well. Last year at CMW I managed to have a very busy day in which I interviewed three separate acts, saw an in-store performance, saw a quick set at a hotel and followed a musician around for a couple of hours, taking me from the Royal York Hotel to a grilled cheese place in Kensington to Sonic Boom at Bathurst and Bloor.

I seem to have this idea that I should do fiction once a month for a few days, so maybe, if I can get an idea, I’ll start some fiction tomorrow.

I apologize for this extremely crappy post. I hope to have something better tomorrow.


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