It all began a little over a week ago now. I don’t blame my current state of being on this bit of misfortune that befell me, but the morning after I was sick so, who knows what caused it.

It was Wednesday, February 20. I was into reading week and had gone to The Shop underneath Parts & Labour, a venue kind of near Lansdowne and Queen West. I saw three excellent bands that night: Gay, Young Mother, and then Cousins.

After I left the venue, I walked up to a bus stop along Lansdowne, expecting a bus to come any minute. It didn’t. Worriedly, I began speed-walking/sprinting along Lansdowne. A bus didn’t come until  I was almost to Lansdowne and Bloor. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, it was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing like crazy. I felt like an old man when I got off the subway at Islington and walked up to the bus platform.

The morning after, I noticed a sharpness in my throat. I knew it was the beginning of something. For the next couple of days, I lived with the craziness in my throat. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday that week, and I felt like an addict as I consumed an untold number of Halls squares to enable my throat to not feel like it was burning.

Well, at least it hasn’t turned into a cough or cold, I thought to myself. As is usually the case with wishful thinking, I indeed started to feel my nose run. By this Thursday it had become a full cold, and when I went to bed that Thursday, I had the absolute worst sleep I’ve had in about six months. I am generally one who sleeps flat on his stomach, and thus I had to abandon that mode of sleeping in order to stop my nose from running all over the place.

During that painful, painful, Thursday sleep, I woke up nearly every hour. Around 2 a.m., in addition to my inability to get comfortable, I also felt freezing despite being under blankets. So hell, I may have had a fever, too. I had to get out of bed and wrap myself in another blanket and then get into my usual blanket/sheet combo. At some point I think I must have actually fallen asleep for maybe two hours, and then finally decided I may as well get up around 7:40 a.m. Friday (ie. yesterday).

When sleeping on Friday, I took no chances and had a Tylenol-esque thing to help me sleep. I am usually not one who uses things like that (a pride thing? I don’t know why really) but after the nightmare that was the previous night, I wasn’t looking to experience it twice. I slept fairly well into today.

Today I am still sniffling a little bit, and I’m cautiously saying that I might be on the recovering end of things now, but my voice is still quite affected. I still feel like a Halls addict, but this time it’s with good reason. I also had to work earlier today, and I would not have been able to talk to customers had it not been for those glorious cough candies. It would be hilarious to try and hear me sing right now, I’d be just awful. It’s not like I sing a lot, but, you know, it would still be pretty funny. My voice would either rise and fall at random intervals, or I wouldn’t be able to finish a vocal phrase without bursting into a coughing attack.

So this post goes out to all of my friends who are a little or a lot under the weather. However you manage to deal with your sickness, I hope you can continue to do so. Let’s all get better together.

And to anyone who has stumbled upon this post, by accident or otherwise, let me know with a comment how you deal with being sick, whether it’s a fever, cough, cold or worse.


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