I still have some faith in Community

Before I start on the main topic of the day, I want to thank whoever it was that linked to my rambling about Wavelength. I went through a list of suspects but found nothing, so thank you, mystery linker! On another note, I’ve come down with a pretty awful cold that started a week ago Thursday with a sore throat. Last night I had the worst sleep I’ve had in about six months, but I feel like my cold is starting to get a little better.

Anyhow, last night I watched the fourth episode of Community, which at one point was my favourite show, and it might still be, I’m not sure. Anyhow, the episode was called “Alternative History of the German Invasion” and brought back the “deutschbags” from last season’s excellent foosball-centric episode.

After I finished watching it, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew I couldn’t ignore; it wasn’t a very good episode of Community.

You may or may not know about all the behind-the-scenes drama that has unfolded with Community since mid-season-three when it was shelved for a few months. There was large doubt as to whether it was going to get a season four, and miraculously it did. But then showrunner Dan Harmon was fired, a bunch of the writing staff left, Chevy Chase left with a couple episodes left to go, and Ken Jeong may be taking a role in a different TV show.

I have truly been a diehard fan of Community for some time. I began watching it a couple of weeks after it premiered in 2009. Funnily enough it premiered the year I started university, so in a sense I’ve been growing along with Jeff, Britta, Annie, Abed, Troy, Shirley and Pierce. I think I knew that I was a huge fan during season two. At the end of season’s two’s final episode, there was a huge cliffhanger. And I felt a huge hole in my heart knowing that I would have to wait a few months before Community would be back in my life.

What I love about this show is a whole heck of a lot. It’s extremely smart, subverts the expectations one has with comedy, and it’s truly a show about acceptance. It’s always being compared with Big Bang Theory since they share the same timeslot and they both deal with “nerds” to some degree, but as someone once elegantly put it, BBT gets its humour from laughing at nerds which I find really offensive.

So I’m now four episodes into Community‘s fourth season, and so far I can say I loved the episode “Paranormal Parentage” and liked “History 101” and “Conventions of Space and Time.” There’s certainly an amount of bias in me, but even that’s starting to wear down thanks to last night’s episode. I don’t think it was awful by any means, but I’m really hoping that it can pick itself up a little bit. The next episode is going to have Jeff reuniting with his father (played by James Brolin!) and will focus on Shirley, so I’m kind of excited about it.

Even if the show becomes a mile-high pile of crap this season, I can take solace in the fact that Community has done some screamingly funny things and has packed a real emotional wallop to some of the things they’ve done. I leave you with one of the most screamingly funny things the show has ever done, when Troy meets Levar Burton.

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