Valentine’s Day, and other assorted topics

Well hey hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. I hope that you all enjoyed (at least somewhat) my leadup to this day via the fiction I wrote. I don’t know if all of my stories worked out well, but when I wrote each one I tried to do things a little differently.

My first story, involving Julia, was meant to start off as an “everyperson” story, that anyone could relate to (because, I mean, there are very few people who haven’t had crushes in their lives) with a bit of a twist.

Story number two took a bit of inspiration at first from the classics. I’ve actually just recently picked up a pretty cool volume of six stories by H.G. Wells (who, surprisingly, would howl with indignation if he were alive today to find out his legacy was his science-fiction writing; he was very politically active and a historian, among other things). In The Time Machine, the story is told from the point of view of an admirer of the Time Traveller and not the man himself. So with my story I tried to tell a love story from the point of view of someone who wasn’t a part of the love, though I couldn’t help but throw in a postmodern twist, I guess, in the end.

The next tale, one in two parts, was a lot of fun to write. I had stuck with the first-person omniscient narration style, and so switching over to third-person omniscient was a lot of fun (usually, if I did third-person narration, I would go with the objective voice or just get in the head of one character). I also did a bit of Googling to make sure I captured the moment in time I was talking about. So when I referenced a date, I would actually go and check the weather that day to make sure I wasn’t making anything up. There’s a point in the second half of the story where I mention headlines- all of those were pulled from the actual day in question.

Finally, there was my last story, which ballooned into three weighty parts. I was stuck for a bit as far as ideas went, and eventually wracking my brain gave me the idea for a story with a bit of a sci-fi twist. My setup took a little longer than I thought, but I liked throwing something supernatural into the mix to add a different dimension to everything.

My apologies if you care nothing about my writing process, but it can be fun talking about what I was trying to do and whether it worked or not (if you’re so inclined, feel free to leave a comment about any stories of the past few days that you liked or didn’t like).

So today, as I mentioned off the top, is Valentine’s Day, and it comes after a night where, for the first time in my university career (I’m in my final year, just to remind you) I actually went to a journalism event outside of class. It was a fundraiser for the Ryerson Review of Journalism, which an article of mine will be appearing in soon, so I felt obligated to go. I knew soon after arriving that I am much better off hanging out at bars when I’m going to see a show. Socializing at bars isn’t quite my thing. I also drank a little more than I had intended, so making my way home was an almost surreal experience.

So I’m a little off this Valentine’s Day (at least to start). My luck with romance being the way it has been the past several years, I’ve always been more inclined to be one of the people who is really cynical about February 14, but these last few years I’ve kind of just stopped caring one way or the other. Who knows, I may be a total hypocrite in the future and love the day once I have someone to share it with, but for now I’ll just stick with the apathy.

This will be an interesting Valentine’s Day for me, though, since it’s actually the beginning of Wavelength Fest ’13. It’s a four-day-long music festival with tons of great bands. My sleep over the next few days will probably be negligible, but hey, I have a reading week starting Monday, so I can at least sleep in a bit.

In other news, for my radio documentary class I need to go and record a person in a religious organization. I have my heart set on talking to someone from Toronto’s Hare Krishna temple. We’ll see how that goes.

Enjoy (or loathe) this Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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