Valentines: 3

The pair didn’t really consider the combination of their names hilarious until a couple of years ago. That was the point where they felt like, should the relationship crumble, it would somehow be a little more devastating due to the multiple levels.

William Makepeace Thackeray (his actual name on his birth certificate; his parents were huge lovers of literature and could not resist the opportunity), was born on August 17, 1990, in the big city of Toronto, Ontario. He lived his whole life with a bit more advantages than most kids his age. His parents weren’t insanely rich (they weren’t living in Rosedale or Forest Hill) but they had enough money, and so they treated him, as an only child, to trips to various places around the world. Every summer would be a new place. When he was seven it was Paris (he was far too young to appreciate the Louvre and declared the Mona Lisa to be “boring”); when he was eight it was Moscow; when he was nine it was Hong Kong. Naturally, as he was asked every year what he did during the summer by his respective teachers, his classmates sometimes got a little jealous. While William was never actively a bully, he accidentally made some classmates angry when he talked about his life that was just a little bit better than theirs was. Still, he was fairly popular with his friends, and he had a talent for being a good listener, particularly in high school.

Catherine Middleton (can you see where this story is going?)) was born on May 5, 1990, in the city of not-quite-Toronto city of Scarborough, Ontario. Despite the area, Katherine, who went by Kate once she started insisting when she was ten, and her family lived a very, very comfortable life. Her father was a senior partner at a Toronto law firm; her mother owned a small but profitable chain of organic eateries in the GTA. When she was younger, she couldn’t help but flaunt the latest gadgets her parents bought her, and so show-and-tell with  Kate was always something for other people to look forward to and envy. As she got into high school, though, she began to tone herself down a little bit. Her parents would still buy her anything she wanted, but she stopped aspiring for all the latest Hollisters and Abercrombie and Fitches, and instead went with clothing that was more plain and less likely to get her noticed.

Both William and Kate graduated with honours from their respective high schools, and when they decided on schools, both were accepted to and decided on going into archaeology at the University of Toronto.

Orientation week was where they first met. They had been put into a team for a horribly-conceived challenge involving a scavenger hunt across all of U of T’s colleges. They, like many of the other participants, decided to ditch and headed over to a nearby Starbucks. Once inside, and breathing a huge sigh of relief having escaped their (in their minds) deranged frosh leaders, the two began to talk more. They had already established their names were William and Kate. William was always William, never Will or Bill or Billy. He always made sure to correct people on that. They mentioned that they were both in in archeology, and that Kate was from out of town, but only kind of.

After they had exchanged some funny anecdotes, William decided there was nothing to lose, it being frosh week and all. “Would you maybe like to have coffee with me tomorrow?” he asked. He wasn’t nervous at all. He wasn’t a womanizer of player, but he knew how to talk to women without bursting at the seams.

“Yeah,” Kate said with a smile. She found herself being attracted more and more to his quiet  confidence. “Let me give you my number.” She brought out a sleek cell phone her parents had just purchased. William and Kate were yet to get their hands on iPhones- in 2008 iPhones didn’t even exist in Canada. But they were fine for the times.

As they left to go back to their respective homes (William to his parents and Kate to the residence), William hugged Kate, and they could both feel that the relationship might go somewhere.

And it did. Their first official “date” had William saying “forget Starbucks” and they instead went over to eat at Fresh on Bloor. Then they walked over to the Royal Ontario Museum and spent hours there, especially at the dinosaurs (Kate’s favourite) and gemstones (William’s favourite). William couldn’t believe how different the museum looked with the new crystal attached.

Their first kiss happened as they left the museum. “This was fun,” Kate said after the kiss, referring to the date in general, although she enjoyed the kiss too.

Neither would admit to their relationship being a “whirlwind romance” as their friends did. Both sets of friends were quite pleased for their respective friends’ good fortunes in finding a significant other so quickly into their university careers.

William and Kate felt like they had just the right amount of each other during the day. They shared the compulsory first-year archaeology course, and so sometimes they would help each other out (though more Kate helping William; they were both pretty good, but Kate always grasped things just a tad quicker). They wouldn’t always hang out after school, but they did most times. It didn’t take long before William was meeting Kate’s parents in Scarborough, and vice versa in Toronto. Both sets of parents were pretty pleased that their child hadn’t gone off and dated some kind of delinquent (both sets of parents apparently shared more sets of values than they let on).

The end of the month of September had Kate and William both finding work-study positions at the university. As has been established, neither had plenty of parental support. However William and Kate felt like they needed to start fending for themselves, as their parents had paid their way into university.

On their first Christmas together, William bought Kate a box set of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, and Kate bought William a gleaming set of kitchen knives for his “kitchen creations” (as he liked to call them). They of course had a New Year’s kiss, and then laughed right afterward.

“That was my first New Years kiss,” William said.

“Mine too!” Kate said. “I used to think they were so silly.”

“Well they are silly,” William said. Kate punched him in the arm but laughed right afterward.

“Okay, a little silly,” she said.

They decided to do Valentine’s Day a little low-key. They spent the night at Kate’s apartment, trying be as quiet as possible so as to not advertise the fact that, gasp, Kate had a boy over. William cooked oysters, which are apparently an aphrodisiac, and the two had a candlelight dinner.

After second year had ended in April of 2010, they had finally saved enough money to go on a trip together. They went to the Dominican Republic and both got more tanned than they ever had before.

And then their relationship took a turn for the strange on November 16, 2010.

(to be continued tomorrow)

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