Nothing but recommendations

My title kind of says it all this time. I’m completely stuck as to what I can write about. I’ve mined a lot of my memory for jumping-off points, I’ve scoured DailyPost for prompts. Nothing of huge significant interest has happened recently. So, as much as this seems like a copout, I’m just going to recommend a few bands that I’ve been listening to lately for review purposes or otherwise.

The Lobs– kinda lo-fi, experimental pop group with some truly thrilling potential. I’ll be reviewing their EP on Grayowl Point fairly soon.

A,W. Cardinal– Really different. Reminiscent of the blues players of the 20s and 30s, this guy also has a stellar backing band to make each composition oh-so-bluesy but that the same time quite refined.

Galaxius Mons– Matt LeGroulx of Expwy and Ian Jarvis of Chairs collaborate on a synth-pop project using only a Moog Rogue synthesizer. The result is a lot fuller than one might expect, and it’s pretty cool.

Blue Hawaii– The project is a BRAIDS offshoot, so naturally this is something to look out for. Fantastic vocals, lots of layers of synths. May be seeing this act live next week.

Old English– I’m good friends with at least a few people involved with this project, so I might be a little biased, but it’s a pretty huge achievement. Influences from all over the place, big, epic songs and over 20 musicians playing on the record.

Elephant Stone- It took a second listen for this album to really latch onto me, but when it did it latched on hard. The band is pushing the limits of psychedelia and uses both a sitar and a tabla in a few tracks. So cool.

Formalists– A folk-pop group with some wonderful instrumentals and warm vocals that make the whole recording quite warm. Lots of great turns of phrases.

That’s all for today. Valentine’s Day being a week from tomorrow, I may embark on a seven-part short story in honour of the loved and reviled “holiday.” We’ll see.

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