Call me maybe

I was pretty stuck for a topic to write about today, and I’ve subscribed to DailyPost for some time, and it just so happened that finally, today, they gave me a prompt that I find acceptable. I’m going to talk a bit about my cellphone.

I was a bit of a latecomer to the world of cell phones. I ended up getting my first phone in April of my final year of high school. It wasn’t a smartphone (I can’t remember what the market for smartphones was all the way back in 2009), but it was a phone with a QWERTY keyboard so I could text with relative ease. I was always deathly afraid of having to type messages using just the numbers on a keypad.

It was a slow learning process on the proper ethics of using a phone. For example, I would always, at first, turn off my phone when I knew I wouldn’t be using it for an extended period of time. I figured I wouldn’t be needed for anything super urgent. Turns out I was wrong in some instances—the most embarrassing story came in June when I was supposed to meet with my drama class group members to rehearse. They texted me telling me to meet them in the drama room first period, a text I didn’t get until I turned on my phone—during second period drama class.

After that, I started to realize that I should probably keep my phone on for as long as I was awake. I tend to still turn my phone off at night, unless I’m expecting someone to text me in the middle of the night, which happens rarely but it does happen. Even then, my phone wasn’t a total necessity. It helped with arranging interviews and meeting up with people, but I wasn’t (and still am not) one of those people who spends every waking moment texting or talking.

This August, for my birthday, I got a Samsung Galaxy S III, my first smartphone and a decent choice, if I do say so myself. I was leaning toward an iPhone at first but changed my mind because I didn’t feel like going to Apple again.

The first thing I had to adjust to was the lack of a QWERTY keyboard, and for the first few days my most common comment was one of several variations of “damn you, autocorrect!” My huge hands on the tiny touch-screen keys just didn’t mesh. Even now, autocorrect assumes that I’m trying to say “javelin” when I’m actually trying to say “have” and that’s a little annoying, but I think I’ve adjusted somewhat. I’m kind of jealous of a friend who has a smartphone that has a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

Most importantly, though, I enjoy being able to access my social media on the fly. I’m not quite at the point of being a live-tweeter, but it would help if I ever wanted to do so. Surprisingly, I have not turned into an Instagram abuser, and I feel like an old man dealing with it. No interesting food to photograph, oh well.

I kind of pride myself on not being addicted to my phone. I can say at this point that I probably couldn’t live too long without it, but I am not someone who “feels naked without my phone.”


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