Bad day(s)

Ever notice how bad things often seem to come together in clumps? I suppose it makes sense, because, generally, when bad things happen all you want to do is either be grouchy at everybody or just isolate yourself from the world. And the more you’re grouchy or hermit-like you are, the more karma seems to want to bite you in the ass.

My bad streak started yesterday, where I acknowledged total failure on a journalistic assignment. I’m happy, in retrospect, that this assignment isn’t worth marks, because I would have failed it. I was supposed to interview a stranger while they were doing something but I couldn’t find anybody. On top of that my recorder wasn’t working properly, a problem I didn’t even realize until I sat down at an editing station to edit a hastily-assembled piece only to realize that two long bits of action I recorded didn’t even record.

So i gave up, and I went home without finishing the assignment. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the embarrassment when I go to radio class on Tuesday, but I’m sure I’ll survive. The second part of my bad day happened to at work today. I would describe it in detail, however if I do I am sure I will be fired as it will be discovered somehow. So no more about that.

And then finally, there’s something that’s been weighing on me heavily for quite some time, something that I’ve put off doing for too long. But enough about that.

I don’t know if I have a remedy for a case of bad-day-itis. The most obvious thing I do is listen to music, which is no different than any other day, except that my choices are a little more deliberate and not just “I need to review this.” Currently, I’m listening to Cold Specks’ phenomenal album from last year, I Predict A Graceful Expulsion. Her music isn’t exactly happy, but the power in her voice and the strength of the music make me feel anything but. I just wish I could sing at the top of my lungs with the music.

Other music works well too, the giddier the better. If I were to start listening to something uber depressing like Postdata’s self-titled debut I’d probably start to burst into tears and never leave my room. The internet is not a helpful too for curing day-day-itis, something I know but I seem to ignore all the time anyway. Particularly don’t go on Tumblr if you’re looking to get happier. It’s so full of self-pity and vague “sad” posts. It’s toxic. If you’re following the right people though, the Dashboard can be a pleasant experience.

Video games certainly help. A pure sense of fun is always a good thing. I’m currently minorly obsessed with a game called Crashmo, which has you controlling a cute little dude who pushes blocks around in order to reach birds nesting at the top. I’m also slowly making my way through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

I’m hoping to get out of this rut soon. We’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes. Stay positive, my friends! I’ll try to do the same.


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