Chris Brown and all associated ugliness

Yesterday I heard some news that didn’t surprise me all that much, namely that Chris Brown did yet another horrendous thing that makes me detest him as a human being even more than I already do. The story comes from Sunday night, when Chris Brown and members of his entourage jumped Frank Ocean over a goddamn parking spot in West Hollywood or something.

This repugnant behaviour comes after the extremely well-known incident in which Brown beat his girlfriend Rihanna. She has since recorded music with him and they seem to be friends again, which is an awful thing. At some point Chris Brown got a neck tattoo of a battered woman.

And after the incident with Frank Ocean, Chris Brown apparently released a picture of him painting a picture of Jesus, possibly to make a point of how much he’s been accused and beaten down. Except Chris Brown and Jesus are two very, very different people. I’m not a believer of the Christian faith, but I never ever feel repulsed when people mention Jesus’ name. I do when I hear about Chris Brown.

In fact, Chris Brown must have been weighing so heavily on my mind that last night, I had a dream that I was at an awards show, hosted by someone like Ryan Seacrest (or someone of his ilk) and that Chris Brown was presenting some kind of award. After he did the thing, I heard Seacrest say something like “I have no idea why we brought him here.”

Dream Seacrest was probably mirroring my own thoughts about the whole thing. Not too long after Brown beat Rihanna, he performed at the Grammys. Thankfully, at least some people raised alarm bells, including a writer for Hello Giggles, the site partially run by Zooey Deschanel. Unfortunately, however, there were plenty of people who wholeheartedly approved of him being at the Grammys. I remember reading a collection of tweets from the night of the performance with people saying such misogynistic things “Rihanna deserved to get beat lol” and other things.

I don’t get why it is that celebrity is a cause to forgive people of all of their sins. If anyone in everyday life were revealed to be a wife beater, there would be a huge public outcry about the man. But when a celebrity does it, it’s somehow defensible because “oh my god, how can someone who makes such beautiful music do something like that? It was just a mistake.” (Even if I were a believer in that argument, no music Chris Brown has made could ever be called beautiful).

All I can hope at this point is that Chris Brown continues to be a pariah and just casually fades into the background, never to be heard from again. Until a decade later when he tries to mount a comeback.

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