Life stories: Snowentine’s Day

The first thing I said when I looked out the window today was a groggy “oh fuck.” As I say constantly in the winter, snow is fun to look at but not so fun to deal with. In case you couldn’t infer what I’m talking about, we got some snow last night, and today the weather is so wild that the snow is probably going to be pretty difficult to shovel as the snow starts to combine with freezing rain, slush, and god knows what else.

Days like this are usually quasi-snow days. Schools usually cancel buses but most remain open (unless they’re up north, in which case they’ve probably gotten fifty times as much snow as we got here in Toronto), so it creates a weird day for kids who have the gumption to go to school or are forced to go by their parents.

In high school I remember well those days, the days when teachers know there’s no point in teaching something new, so the class either turns into “movie day” or study hall.

Every once in a while, though, the snow gets so bad that a full-on snow day happens. No school! Usually the best news a kid can learn. Which leads me to my story.

One year, a snow day fell on Valentine’s Day, February 14. It was one of the worst snowstorms we had gotten in quite a while. The snow went halfway to my knee, so it was pretty intense. The first impulse on waking up to a day like that is to just shut oneself off from the world until it’s time shovel the driveway. In my case, though, I thought it would be something worthy of a celebration.

So I called a few of my friends or messaged them on MSN (I didn’t have a cell phone at that point and neither did most of my friends) and said we should all head over to the local community centre (our hangout; in retrospect, not a very cool place, but then again it was about as cool as we were). So off me and my younger brother went, trudging occasionally on the sidewalk and walking on the road when safe to do so.

We arrived at the community centre, and a few of my friends arrived shortly after. An hour or two later, we were a group of five or six and at that point I suggested we go over to my house. The community centre was right by the middle school my friends and I all used to attend, and so a few steps from the back of the centre was the middle school field. The west edge of the field turned into a hill, and so when one of my significantly shorter friends tried to go up the hill, she almost sank completely into the snow.

That was an accident, but later, when my merry band of slightly crazy friends reached my house, my best friend did something totally on purpose. He took off his winter jacket and then dove headfirst into the snowbank on my house’s lawn. It was hilarious to watch and to this day I still don’t quite know why he did it.

The side effects of snow are usually not fun to deal with either, namely extremely wet clothes, but it was all in a day of fun. I recall us then going into my house and watching the first Russell Peters DVD before people decided to go home and call it a day.

I always miss the days when I was just a little bit younger, when I saw novelty as something to constantly pursue. To some extent, novelty is fun to seek out, but I just don’t have as much time or money to do so as much anymore.

Either way, Snowentine`s Day sticks out in my mind because it was just so much darn fun.

2 thoughts on “Life stories: Snowentine’s Day

  1. peppypie

    I’m so glad you posted about this. You reminded me that snowy days used to be fun, too. Before it meant having to trudge to university… That was the first time I saw Russell Peters, believe it or not! I’m now in love. I even saw him live. (: Also, didn’t we call it Snowlentine’s? Haha. I suppose it doesn’t matter. That was an epic day.

    1. glasspaperweight Post author

      Ha, glad I could introduce you to his wonderful-ness! I’ve never actually seen him perform live, so I’m a little jealous. And as far as I remember re: the names of the thing, I remember calling it Snowentine’s Day while Chris suggested adding the extra “L” into it. I don’t remember the general consensus on it, really. Maybe everyone thought it should have been “Snowlentine’s” and I was just really stubborn. I’ve been known to be stubborn from time to time.


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