Americano at midnight

This post may possibly be a little scattered, but my thoughts are equally as scattered due to lack of sleep (and comfortable sleep, for that matter).

First of all, I hope anybody that was following my story enjoyed it. I didn’t want to draw it out too long, so I jammed a little extra into the final part. I appreciate the various likes I got on the stories, so do those people I don’t know that liked it, thanks very much.

So as to why I didn’t sleep well, it wasn’t due to restlessness or anything like that. Last night I went with a friend to a show put on by Wavelength Music and Silent Shout, two great music organizations. It was, of all places, located underneath the swingers club called Wicked at Queen and Ossington.

I had lots of fun at the show despite the strange location. I was particularly enthralled with the act known as boyBITCH, an act that involved one guy singing alongside synthesized beats and a guy and girl who were backup dancers. They did various things from dancing in place to being pulled by chains to throwing glowsticks into the audience.

Afterward, because I live in the suburbs, I stayed over at my friend’s house since it was getting too late to make my way home. It was fun staying up for a little while longer, I met her roommates, and my friend couldn’t get to sleep right away because she had had a coffee around 9 p.m. One of her roommates said she regretted the time when, once, she drank an americano at midnight and was loopy for quite a while after that. Hence the title of this post; “Americano at Midnight” sounds ridiculously romantic.

It got me thinking about my relationship with sleep. I am probably one of the rare university students that has never pulled an all-nighter in my life. I go to sleep when I’m tired, or when I come home from a show. I’m also not a coffee or tea person, so I generally don’t have a lot of caffeine to keep me up for things.

The one caveat to this is that I sleep the best in my own bed and nowhere else. I slept on my friend’s couch last night (which was really this morning) and had to shift positions multiple times to get comfortable. The previous time I slept on her couch I didn’t sleep well at all. It’s no fault of the couch (even if I was actually taller than the couch was long), it’s just that I guess I haven’t had enough experience just plain old roughing it.

Right now I am functioning on roughly five hours of sleep, which is a fairly small number for me usually. I surprisingly haven’t felt compelled to nap, though, which I might need to do before yet another show tonight.

I don’t know what the overall theme of this post was. But I tried.

Happy Friday.


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