Maybe This Will Work/Resolutions

My good friend Wes recently finished a pretty successful undertaking- he managed to write a blog post a day for an entire year. I had a lot of fun reading his stuff as soon as I became aware of it (which was around May of 2012, I think) and read fervently. Some of my favourite posts of his were one on an argument I was involved in on the correct pronunciation of Nutella, as well as some short stories he wrote- one about a “zombie” epidemic (though it’s not actually zombies) and another about a fallen superhero.

Anyhow, the point I’m getting at here is that I was inspired by his commitment to writing, and getting a little writing practice every day sounds like a good thing to me. Therefore, I am going to try and emulate his blogging. I’m going to try and post something every day for the entirety of 2013.

This being my first post, and this being January 1, I figured it would be a good place to discuss New Years resolutions. I’m not usually one to make up these goals, especially because of how silly they are- I mean, why wait until the New Year to try and improve your life? If you want to improve your life, you should just start taking steps to do it, not wait until 2013 to officially validate it.

But anyhow, despite my cynicism towards resolutions, I actually have a few goals that I’ve got this year:

  • First, I want to finally get my G2 driver’s license. I don’t know what it was that discouraged me from driving shortly after finishing driving school when I was sixteen, but I would go months on end without getting behind the wheel and, naturally, I don’t currently feel prepared for my road test. I’m resolving to actually start driving more and picking up my driving skills, because a lot of media organizations that might hire me want applicants to have at least a G2.
  • This leads to my second point—I want to find a job in my field. I want to get paid doing what I love most, which is writing. I’ve always enjoyed it to some degree, and being in journalism has turned on my love for nonfiction. Maybe on this blog I might be able to hammer out some latent fiction writing as well. But we’ll see.

That’s all for now. Hope any of you who stumble upon this had a happy new year.


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