Was Diamond Rings the death blow to the D’Urbervilles?

Just because John O’Regan (above) is busy as Diamond Rings doesn’t mean his previous band is gone (Sean Richardson)

A solo project does not always mean the demise of a band, especially in the Canadian music scene.

On Monday night, post-rock band The D’Urbervilles made a tweet saying “R.I.P.” which then directed fans to the band’s website. It announced that the band “is dead” and has a clock which seems to be counting down to Monday morning.

NOW Magazine then got ahead of themselves and announced that the band had broken up. But the rumour mill says that the band isn’t breaking up, and are instead changing their name. John O’Regan, the band’s lead singer and frontman of solo project Diamond Rings, said just last week to Spinner that the D’Urbervilles aren’t breaking up because of his busy schedule.

There are plenty of examples from the recent past that show a solo project doesn’t mean the end of the soloist’s band. Jay Malinowski of Bedouin Soundclash is one such example.

Jay Malinowski's solo album had no effect on Bedouin Soundclash as a band (jemeeter/Flickr)

Malinowski, after three albums with Bedouin Soundclash, released a solo LP, Bright Lights and Bruises, in early February of 2010. Several months later that same year, Bedouin Soundclash released Light the Horizon. At some point after that release Malinowski found the time to record a five-track EP with Beatrice Martin, a.k.a. Coeur de Pirate under the name Armistice.

Similarly, Dallas Green has enjoyed considerable success under the City and Colour moniker, a solo departure from his work in Canadian rock band Alexisonfire. Green has also recorded two songs with London, Ont. rapper Shad.

In the case of both Green and Malinowski, their respective bands stayed together while they enjoyed success as solo acts. This suggests that O’Regan’s busy schedule as Diamond Rings won’t be killing the D’Urbervilles (or whatever their new name might be).

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