Get used to the snow GTA, it’s not going anywhere


A typical backyard in the GTA. Due to cold temperatures the snow isn't expected to melt any time soon (Michael Thomas)

This winter may seem exceptionally cold not only because of last winter’s warmness, but because it is actually colder than average.

According to the Weather Network, historically at this time of year the GTA has been sitting at a high of 2 C. However, over the next 14 days, temperatures will only peak above 2 C once, and will go as low as -8 C.

Last year, we were more or less spoiled by unseasonably warm weather. Today’s high was -4 C, last year at this time the high was 1 C. As well, Torontonians had little snow to deal with, unlike the current year.

Since temperatures are expected to remain below 0 C, the snow that has already fallen will likely not be melting any time soon.

Track weather trends in Toronto to as far back as 1950

Current weather predictions for Toronto


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