Secession for Southern Sudan a complex issue

A secession ballot for the Sudanese referendum (Public domain)

While secession for Southern Sudan is a dream come true for its people, problems with poverty and possible violence may mean the creation of an unstable new country.

On Sunday, polls opened for a referendum in which the Sudanese population can vote whether or not Southern Sudan should be allowed to separate from the rest of Sudan. In southern Sudan, many people, such as a preacher singing in the streets, are optimistic that there will be a separation.

However, there are signs that point to difficulties should secession be approved. The Sudanese people on average make 75 cents a day, illiteracy is high and Sudan’s economy has been ruined by years of war.

If secession is approved, some problems will need to be solved by the countries’ respective governments. Oil will need to be arranged to continue to flow north (Southern Sudan curently owns 75% of the country’s oil). As well, regions running along the border will need to be divided between the two countries.

Despite possible repercussions, there is some hope for Southern Sudan’s future in the form of decreasing violence in Sudan for the past six months. [Source: New York Times]

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